By Roger Stone

Snotty Elitist
Snotty Elitist

This Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel Editorial writer Rosemary Goudreau is some piece of work. After her previous editorial criticizing  current Broward County Sheriff Scott J. Israel she was proven to have no less than nine factual errors. Godreau stooped to new lows yesterday using partial quotes from an e-mail exchange and then determining what I think and the intent of my own words.

I did assist the one-time Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti of Broward County in his election in 2012 only to realize that Lamberti was corrupt and the Broward County Sheriff's office was a terrorizing citizen at the direction of Ponzi Scammer Scott Rothstein. Recent indictments prove this is correct. I declined to support Lamberti's re-election and my friend Ron Gunzburger was successful in electing Democrat Sheriff Scott J. Israel in an upset in 2012. The gist of that campaign was the allegation of improper influence on the Sheriff's Office by Rothstein – allegations ignored in coverage of the race by the Sun Sentinel.

Lamberti either did know of Rothstein’s misuse of BSO powers in which case he should also be indicted or he did not know in which case he was incompetent.Either way those brilliant journalists at the Sun Sentinel never asked the question of their endorsed candidate, Lamberti. They endorsed him without even affording Israel an Editorial Board Meeting.

When Lamberti hired the unqualified fraternity brother of the Governor who appointed him, as Undersheriff – the # 2 job at BSO – the Sun Sentinel said nothing. When a BSO employee moonlighted on her $79,000 a year full time BSO job to manage Lamberti’s re-election for $137,000, the Sun Sentinel said nothing . The new Sheriff, a Democrat ,gets held to a different standard. So called "political hires" where no problem at the fading Sun Sentinel when Lamberti was in the saddle.

Sun Sentinel reporter Brittany Wallman and her defamatory husband Channel 10 blogger Bob Norman are obsessed with the idea that I control the  Broward County Sheriff’s Office. This is absurd. The Sheriff himself denied any such thing telling the Sun Sentinel "Roger Stone has no influence on the short-term or long-term goals of the Broward Sheriff's Office. He has no influence,''.  When I retweeted this quote from the Sheriff , Ms. Goudreau thought she had a better I idea of what I was thinking than I do. She decided I was mocking Israel, which I specifically denied, but then…she abridged my actual comment.  Childish and unprofessional…….but what do you expect from ex-Tea Party honcho Goudreau. Her Sun Sentinel editorials endorsing Romney and Lamberti are memorable.

Going unreported is the direction by Lamberti to destroy BSO hard-drives that most likely contained evidence of the very Rothstein shenanigans at BSO that caused me to not support Lamberti’s re-election. Goudreau and her cohort are too busy chasing Roger Stone. Also excised by Goudreau is the fact that due the Israel’s philosophy of community policing, crime is down in Broward County. Overall crime rate dropped 8.1% last year in BSO territory – nearly double the state rate. Violent crime dropped 13% in BSO territory, more than five times lower than the state rate.  Israel’s initiatives for the homeless and early intervention for teen-age crime go unmentioned. Goudreu’s dismissal of Israel as a “nice guy” is patronizing crap from a elitist puke. It is Goodreau who seeks to belittle the Sheriff despite the superior job he is doing.

I have recommended several highly capable writers and researchers for the Agency.  I have confirmed this for the record. Goudreu slimes one of these young people claiming that a daytime e-mail blast sent from a pre-timed server somehow proves the woman is working her second job on BSO time. Goudreu seeks to beat up a professional woman who has taught communications and writing at the College level. Cheap. In every case those I recommended are better qualified for their positions than Ms. Goudreau or Ms. Wallman are proving to be for theirs.


By Roger Stone

Jeb Stuart Magruder, the former White House aide who served seven months in prison for his role in the Watergate scandal that forced Richard Nixon to resign from the presidency in 1974, died earlier this month, on May 11. He was 79.

Before John Mitchell was scheduled to resign as Attorney General and move to the Committee to Reelect the President, H.R. Haldeman recruited 34-year old Magruder to set up the committee as acting chairman until Mitchell arrived. A cosmetic marketing guy from Southern California, Magruder was impossibly handsome and clean cut, resembling a Ken doll.

The old Nixon hands like Nick Ruwe, Charlie McWhorter, and Ron Walker called Jeb Stuart Magruder “Steve Stunning” for his model looks. Everything about Magruder was too perfect. perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect wife, perfect kids, perfect golf swing, perfect tennis arm, perfect tan, and perfectly polished shoes.

Magruder and his family had all-American good looks and he took brown nosing and social climbing to a whole new level.

Magruder could be obsequious if you were on the political and social scale above him and an utter jerk if you were on the political or social scale below him.

Late one night during the 1972 campaign, I was leaving the CRP headquarters where I worked as the youngest member of the staff, when the elevator stopped on the floor occupied by the senior staff of the 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue building where the campaign was housed and Magruder got on.

We both said hello but then rode to the basement garage in silence. Magruder and I walked towards our cars. I was driving a red Volkswagen Bug that had a ‘Re-elect the President’ bumper sticker as well as one for the reelection of Congressman Joel T. Broyhill of Virginia. “Is this your car?” Magruder asked. I nodded. “What is this?” he asked, pointing to the Broyhill sticker with his highly polished wingtip. “Get it the f*ck off of there.”  He turned and proceeded to his car without further comment.

When Watergate came crashing down Magruder would claim that Attorney General John Mitchell approved the Watergate break-in at a meeting in Key Biscayne, Florida. Mitchell and Mitchell Aide Fred LaRue,  was present and denied this but that was Magruder's story for thirty years.

Despite LaRue and Mitchell's accounts to the contrary, Watergate prosecutors accepted Magruder's testimony. Then, three decades later Magruder went a step further with his account of the Key Biscayne meeting adding the claim of an overheard phone call between the president and the attorney general. According to Magruder, Mitchell called Nixon Aides Bob Haldeman and  John Ehrlichman to discuss the DNC/wiretapping enterprise further. Magruder said that sometime during the call he heard the familiar voice of Nixon on the other end personally giving the order for the break-ins.

“John… we need need to get the information on Larry O‘Brien, and the only way we can do that is through Liddy’s plans,”  Nixon allegedly told Mitchell.

"And I could hear his voice distinctly indicating that he wanted the Liddy plan to go ahead," Magruder added. "And Mitchell got off the phone and said to me: 'Jeb, tell Maurice Stans to give $250,000 to Gordon Liddy and let's see what happens.'"

According to John Taylor, executive director of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda until 2009, Magruder's claim is undoubtedly false. "The White House Daily Diary, which details all the president's meetings and telephone calls, shows that Mr. Ehrlichman did not meet or talk with President Nixon at any time on March 30, 1972," Taylor said.

Even John Dean would contradict Magruder's late claim, telling the Associated Press,"......I have never seen a scintilla of evidence that Nixon knew about the plans for the Watergate break-in or that the likes of Gordon Liddy were operating at the reelection committee."

Historian Stanley Kutler, an expert on Nixon's White House tapes, called Magruder's allegation "the dubious word of a dubious character."

Roger Stone  is a political consultant, strategist and New York Times Bestselling author . He has been involved in politics since his teenage and college years, and served as a senior staffer in eight national Republican presidential campaigns including those of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. His forthcoming book "Nixon's Secrets" will be published by Skyhorse Publishing in September.


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Justice was served last Friday in the case of former Senate Republican Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. Bruno was acquitted on five charges of bribery but convicted on two charges of “theft of honest services.” Those convictions were overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court . The government then promptly recharged Bruno for bribery and turned aside arguments that such prosecution would constitute double jeopardy. The Government sited no new evidence. Legal authorities such as Judge Andrew Napolitano argued that the new charges should not be brought against the 85 year old Bruno who was recently diagnosed with liver cancer.

The case should never have been retried. Michael Caputo wrote the definitive on Bruno’s legal odyssey in which the government spent $30 million in an attempt to convict him. Bruno turned down a plea bargain in which he would plead guilt y to one count and would receive no jail-time. Bruno refused insisting that he had broken no laws and would not say that he had. The nine-year legal battle has ruined Bruno financially and he was forced to sell his home and horses to fund his legal defense.

Last week, Bruno was acquitted on all charges after an brilliant defense by lawyers E. Stewart Jones and William Dryer. Justice has been done for one of the finest public servants I have ever known. Bruno, interestingly, not only looked out zealously for upstate interests, he was also a strong legislative ally of New York City.

Bruno knew how to reach across the aisle and nurture relationships with individual Democrats in order to get the people’s business done. Bruno brought a businessman’s viewpoint to government. All of his financial disclosures and actions were approved in advance by legal counsel. Bruno never violated his oath of office.

Joe Bruno is a fighter. A lesser man would have folded under intense pressure. I never had a conversation with him in which he wasn’t optimistic about beating the charges and clearing his name.

Now Bruno and his lawyers believe he is due compensation from the state because he was prosecuted in his capacity as Senate Majority Leader. I think he is entitled to this.

The New York Times has fired Editor Jill Abramson.

Abramson claimed she was fired because she complained about being paid less than her male predecessor.

Now it turns out that Jill Abramson was paid 10 % more than the guy who held the job before her. Abramson was fired because she was an egotistical and authoritarian witch who couldn't get along with her colleagues.

Abramson is also an establishment thinker incapable of considering any narrative other than conventional wisdom.

Back in November Abramson reviewed a spate of books published at the time of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination. The one book she did not review, of course was The Man Who Killed Kennedy- the Case Against LBJ.

Interestingly my book outsold every book that Abramson did review.

To Jill Abramson we say good riddance

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