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Hillary Clinton is running for president as an "advocate of women and girls," but there is another shocking side to her story that has been carefully covered up - until now. This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women and others - sexually, physically, and psychologically - in their scramble for power and wealth.

In this groundbreaking book, New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone and researcher and alternative historian Robert Morrow map the arc of Bill and Hillary's crimes and cover-ups. They reveal details about their actions in Arkansas, during Bill Clinton's time in the White House, about who really ordered the deadly attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, during Hillary's tenure as secretary of state, about their time at the Clinton Foundation, and during Hillary's current campaign for president.

This is the first book to shed light on the couple's deeply personal violations of the people they crushed in their obsessive quest for power. Along the way, Stone and Morrow reveal the family's darkest secrets, including a Clinton family member's drug rehab treatment that was never reported by the press, Hillary Clinton's unusually close relationship with a top female aide, and a stunning revelation of such impact that it could strip Bill Clinton of his current popularity and derail Hillary's push to be the second Clinton in the White House.

Anyone who cares about the future of the United States will want to read this tell-all, exposing the appalling, unvarnished, and ugly truth about the Clintons.

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Talking about the upcoming Simi Valley GOP Debate

By Roger Stone

So Geraldo apparently wants to kick my ass.

We hear a lot these days about how civility has been lost in politics -- and the media. I would remind that there was a time when public figures settled their differences with pistols at dawn. Maybe there's something to be said for that. Bring it on, Geraldo. I'll let you know next time I'm in the building.

After all, what's left when your shows have been cancelled and your greatest contribution to TV in recent years is losing on Celebrity Apprentice?

I used to respect Geraldo. He was one of the few journalists who challenged the Warren Commission findings that Oswald was "lone nut" who murdered Kennedy. Geraldo interviewed LBJ's mistress Madeleine Brown on air- where she implicated Johnson in the coup de etat. Geraldo interviewed witnesses and ballistic experts to destroy the so called "single bullet theory". I asked Geraldo about this recently. He says he doesn't remembers any of it and now thinks the Warren Commission got it right. When did he sell out and why?

What sparked Geraldo's ire was a tweet I posted commenting on how unqualified and incredibly stupid politically analyst Ana Navarro and former CNN analyst Roland Martin are. They are both as dumb as a box of rocks. Neither has ever played any role in the election of anyone to public office. Why does CNN keep billing Navarro as a "Republican Strategist"? I speculated they were token hires based on their ethnicity. Geraldo went nuts and played the race card by calling me a racist.

I've been in the real trenches of American politics for more than 40 years, while Geraldo has been visiting trenches in the hope that someone will take a shot at him while his camera's rolling. Americans are sick of politically correct crap from their politicians – and too many in the media. If Geraldo can't handle it when someone says what a LOT of people are thinking, that's just too bad.

But threatening assault is probably not the best response. That said, if Geraldo wants to meet me at dawn, I'll be there.

By Roger Stone - for the Washington Free Beacon

The former New York Times reporter claims that a call recorded by Henry Kissinger proves Nixon was drunk on the fifth day of the crisis after Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack on Israel which caught their Intelligence agency by surprise.

It became clear in the hours after the 1973 Yom Kippur attack that the Arabs had surprised Israeli forces and the Jewish state was facing the greatest threat to its survival in its brief history. Along the border with Syria, in the so-called Golan Heights, 180 Israeli tanks faced 1,400 Syrian tanks supplied by the Soviet Union; likewise Egypt crossed the Suez with 80,000 soldiers facing little Israeli opposition.

Israel suffered a number of setbacks, and Washington became increasingly concerned. Nixon alone concluded that the United States must back Israel against Arab forces whose primary military supplier was the Soviet Union. The 1973 war became more than necessary to save the Jewish state. It became a struggle between the world’s preeminent superpowers. Kissinger opposed the U.S. action, just as he opposed any action that he felt might irritate the Russians.

Secretary of Defense James R. Schlesinger agreed. The NSA staff was unanimous. Nixon overruled them and ordered a massive airlift of badly needed lethal aid, saying, “We are going to get blamed just as much for three planes as for three hundred.”

Nixon hit the roof when he learned that Kissinger and Schlesinger were dragging their feet on the airlift. Despite the opposition of his national security and foreign policy brain trust.

Strangely the tape of Nixon ordering the chairman of the joint chiefs to “get off your ass” and get the planes airborne is not played or written about as the Watergate tapes are. “Use every [plane] we have – everything that will fly,” Nixon can be heard barking in exasperation.

Nixon’s airlift turned the tide for Israel. Under “Operation Nickel Grass” 567 missions were flown, delivering more than 22,000 tons of supplies, and an additional 90,000 tons were delivered to Israel by sea—all told $121 million in weapons and bullets.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir would admit that upon hearing of the airlift during a cabinet meeting, she began to cry. Chaim Herzog, Israel’s sixth president, said, “He supplied arms and unflinching support when our very existence would have been in danger without them.” Yitzhak Rabin, then serving as Israel’s ambassador in Washington, said in an Israeli radio interview that no president in American history had been more committed to Israel’s security than Richard Nixon.

Nixon had little tolerance for alcohol and there is little question that he sometimes drank to excess. When it comes to Israel, however, Nixon drunk is better than Obama sober.

The stunning facts about Nixon, Watergate, the 18 1/2 minute gap and the Pardon: "NIXON'S SECRETS' by Roger Stone and Mike Colapietro

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By Roger Stone - for the Daily Caller

I got a fundraising solicitation for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign today, signed by veteran Clinton attack dog James Carville. Carville was purged from Bill’s 1996 reelection campaign but has remained a dogged Clinton defender while living like the 1 percent on speaking fees and product endorsement deals.

Given Hillary’s new positioning as an “advocate for women and girls,” the Clinton camp may want to reconsider the up front role of Carville because of his part in the Clintons’ war on women. Hillary is an advocate for women and girls as long as you are not an ex-girlfriend or sexual assault victim of Bill. If you are, you are vilified, intimidated, violated and threaten into silence. James Carville was a leader in the Clintons’ efforts to denigrate, destroy the credibility and thus delegitimize the claims of women sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton.

The Clintons’ activities have included Bill’s physical rape and sexual assaults on women and Hillary’s degradation and psychological rape of women that Bill has assaulted. “Sluts,” “whores,” “bitches,” Hillary has called them, blaming and shaming them for the unwanted physical attentions and violence of her husband.

Carville took the lead in disparaging the character of Paula Corbin Jones who was unlucky enough to be sexually assaulted in a Little Rock hotel by Bubba. “Corporal Cue Ball,” which is how he identified his rank in the Clinton Army in their War on Women said “drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find.” Newsweek writer Evan Thomas, always anxious to help the Clintons, referred to Jones as “just some sleazy woman with big hair coming out of the trailer parks.” Clinton paid Jones $850,000 to settle her suit against him for sexual assault and harassment.

Strangely, feminists did not rush to the aid of their sisters when Paul Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and a dozen other women identified by journalists Roger Morris and Mike Isikoff, were assaulted by a red-faced Bill Clinton. At least three of them were savagely bitten on the lower lip which Bill Clinton used as a signature move that is both disabling and says, ‘keep your mouth shut, I’m the attorney general/governor/president.’ Then the women were terrorized, intimidated, violated and threatened into silence by the heavy-handed private detectives paid and directed by Hillary Clinton.

The Hillary Clinton who abused women in her path to power is the Hillary Clinton who, as a lawyer, destroyed a woman victim of her rapist client then joked about his real guilt. It’s the same Hillary Clinton who has never paid women as much as men but today preaches pay equality. The same Hillary Clinton taking millions at the Clinton Foundation from Middle Eastern regimes that oppress women and a known sex trafficker of under-age women. Meanwhile the Clinton Presidential Library took $2 million from a pedophile sultan and his brother who maintain an under-age harem of girls in the country he rules.

Carville is a willing accomplice in the Clintons’ War On Women. Like dirty trickster Sidney Blumenthal, who came up with the canard that our facility in Benghazi was attacked in reaction to an obscure anti-Islamic video, I think I’d hide Corporal Cue Ball.

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