When the Concord Monitor published an editorial critical of presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, his campaign reminded reporters that the newspaper had endorsed Illinois Congressman John Anderson in the Republican Primary for President in 1980, over Ronald Reagan. At least the Monitor endorsed a Republican. Mitt Romney endorsed Paul Tsongas, the Massachusetts Liberal Democrat for President in 1992. Mitt and Anne Romney contributed not a penny to Ronald Reagan's campaigns in 1976, 1980 or 1984. Mr. Romney's deep reverence for Ronald Reagan today is an insulting contrivance. 36 months ago, this man was not a Conservative never mind a Reaganite. Debating Ted Kennedy while running for the US Senate, he made it clear that he did not support Ronald Reagan's policies. His newly acquired, high regard for the Gipper is as disingenuous as his conversion to social, economic or foreign policy Conservatism. He is the Mormon Sammy Glick.