Looking at the last 30 days and the kinetic energy generated by Florida Governor, Charlie Crist demonstrates why the Florida Governor is the right choice for Vice President on the McCain ticket.

McCain / Crist
Crist has the courage to change his position on off-coast gas and oil drilling when the relevant facts changed and gas hit $4 a gallon. Crist announced the largest single acquisition of environmentally sensitive land in the history of Florida with the new land to be used for flow to clean up the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee. Finally, Governor Crist announced his engagement to an attractive and vivacious divorcee, taking his status as a bachelor off the table in the Vice Presidential sweepstakes. Crist has demonstrated the discipline and campaign talents to be an asset to the G.O.P. ticket. Charlie Crist is pro-life, a hard-liner on crime and a tax cutter. He would give the McCain ticket a big boost in Florida which is a must-carry State for the Arizona Senator.