McCain Campaign Manager, Rick Davis, was unable to repel a Rovian boarding party with the naming of Steve Schmidt as the new day-to-day manager of the McCain campaign. Davis retains the title but is relegated to ?long-term planning.? Schmidt is part of a troika of former Rove aides now in place to revive a campaign that seems to be having trouble defining a message both for McCain and against Barack Obama. This comes amid reports that Rove will control the war-chest of Freedoms Watch, a pro GOP 527 Committee in the Swift Boat tradition to brand Barack Obama the way he did John Kerry. But many Republicans would actually prefer four years of Obama than four more years of Rove and Bush. When Bush fired Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld only after the disastrous mid-term elections instead of before, he betrayed his lack of concern for the Republican Party.

Karl Rove
The loss of both Houses of Congress by Rove stems from the White House forcing Congressional Republicans to wonder far from their principals on spending and support a poorly run war where our national purpose is still in question. Davis?s major mistake was not expanding his circle immediately after McCain clinched the nomination. Even McCain?s advance operation was weak with press attention sometimes scant and crowds less than impressive. Apologizing seems to be only thing the McCain camp knows how to do. My former partner Charlie Black?s comments my have been in-artful but he was correct ? John McCain has the experience and depth that America needs at time of international crises or a terrorist attack.