By ROGER J. STONE JR. The group of senior political advisors and political operators around Hillary Clinton remind one so much of the "Berlin Wall" around Richard Nixon. The gang around Hillary shares the same need as H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrichman, John Mitchell, Murray Chotiner and Jeb Magruder to not just defeat one's opponent, but to "destroy" him. It is this mentality that fueled Watergate and the campaign abuses in 1972 and it is the same instinct that caused camp-Clinton to overreact to remarks by David Geffen in Maureen Dowd's New York Times column. Pollster Mark Penn, media consultants Mandy Grunwald and Flack Howard Wolfson, egged on by "scorched-earthers", James Carville and Paul Begala, are too combative, too arrogant, too insular and too cock-sure for the Presidential campaign of 2008. Mark Penn is the unlikely leader of this band which takes no prisoners. Bought to the Clinton table by Dick Morris in 1992, Penn quickly elbowed his patron Morris out of the way and became Bill and Hillary's go-to numbers guy. It didn't take Penn long to push pollster Stan Greenberg out of the picture. Bloodless and virtually devoid of personality or social skills, (stories of his table manners are legion) it is hard to see the brainy, but reclusive Penn getting along with the loquacious Bill Clinton. Penn has used Bill's connections to access blue chip corporate clients after selling his polling firm to Young Rubicam where he has been warehoused waiting for Hillary's ascension. Not the kind of guy you want to have a beer with. Washington columnist Robert Novak reported that Penn presided over the conference call where the "rapid response" decision to attack Obama and demand that he renounces Geffen's words, a gross miscalculation that elevated Obama and reminded everybody about the dark side of Bill Clinton's political tactics. Wolfson's intemperate attack on Barack Obama shatters the myth of Hillary being the front-runner. Front-runners do not look over their shoulder to attack the opponent 20 points behind them. Team Hillary, with the former president as the Chairman of the Board, never anticipated either the vacuum on the left over the war in Iraq or the viability of an anti-war, black candidate with access to money and media coverage. While I have no proof, my 30 year experience as a political operative make me suspect that media stories about Obama's real estate dealings, stock dealings and foreign schooling where planted by the Clinton smear machine. While there are no fingerprints, there is motive and a certain style. This is not the least of Senator Clinton's problems. While Hillary seems tight and scripted, Obama seems poised and fresh. Bringing Bill Clinton to Selma served to further diminish Hillary and his presence fuels America's growing dislike for dynastic politics which includes too many Bush's and now too many Clintons. While Bill's arm-twisting on the telephone maybe useful, his presence on the campaign trail under cuts the idea that Hillary's Administration would be a fresh break and conjures up images of Whitewater, Rose Law Firm documents, China-Gate, Monica and Presidential pardons. Hillary's contortions on the Iraq war and premature move to the center in an effort to become a DLC Democrat have left her vulnerable in Iowa and New Hampshire, both with a streak of historical anti-war populism fueled by the more recent blunder of the Iraq war. Whether it is John Edwards, Barack Obama or even former Vice President Al Gore who harnesses this vote, a vote Hillary cannot lay claim to, remains to be seen. However, be assured when that person does emerge to challenge Hillary, the Nixon-like gang around Hillary will pull out the stops to "destroy" that opponent.