By ROGER J. STONE JR. The New York Times reports that President George W. Bush wants to send former Prime Minister Tony Blair of the United Kingdom to the Middle East as a special envoy. This has to be about the worst idea I have ever heard. Since all the Arab Nations view Blair as a lap-dog for President Bush who, at the table will see him as an honest broker? If the President really wants a break-through in the Middle East, he should send America's foremost dealmaker, Donald J. Trump. Crazy idea? Not really. Recognize that Trump's negotiating skills are second to none. Additionally, the Donald has been a prescient voice on world affairs even though he doesn't communicate in "diplomat-speak." It was Trump who predicted the financial collapse of the Japanese, who has been right about the Saudi's abetting terrorists and right about Raul Castro continuing the iron-fisted policies of his dictator brother Fidel. In fact, in his 2000 book, The America We Deserve, Trump accurately predicted the terrorist attack on New York City at a time when most Americans believed that another attack within U.S. borders was impossible. Trump was among the first to recognize that our enemies would attack locally, rather than with an ICBM. I think making it in the world of New York City real estate maybe tougher and probably far more difficult than brokering peace between all the factions in the Middle East - and Trump is the King. If you can come to terms with German Bankers, if you can negotiate with the Chinese and make millions on the West-Side, if you can negotiate the sale of multi-million dollar condos to Saudi potentates, then surely you can handle the representatives of Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, China, Palestine and Iran. Trump demonstrated the necessary toughness when he fought his way back from the brink of financial collapse through a series of deals that no one else could have negotiated. And the best thing about sending Trump is, the Government won't have to pay for a plane. Trump can fly his own black and red 727 with his name in six foot letters on the side which, believe me, will cause more commotion at the Damascus Airport than the arrival of Air Force One. If you want a deal in the Middle East that benefits the United States, send Donald Trump.