A museum built as homage to former Governor George Pataki? It's wacky, but it's true. Veteran Pataki crony and bagman and D'Amato torpedo, Charles Gargano, is actually collecting money to build a museum and educational center near Pataki's mid-Hudson Valley home. Presumably they will teach how to vastly increase the state's debt by using the independent authorities to borrow millions of dollars without the constitutionally required approval by the voters. You can learn how your wife can make thousands of dollars as a "consultant" to some of the richest men in the state while serving as First Lady. You can learn how to use state employees to do your grocery shopping and cooking as well as walking your dogs. You can learn how to do a "book deal" and make your friends pony-up big dollars for boxes and boxes of books. You can learn how to trade pardons from the State Parole Board for political contributions and how to get your Parole Board Chairman named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the swindle. You can learn how to refuse to release the lists of fat cats who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to your Inaugural celebration. You could learn how to use the New York State Police for political dirty tricks and how to leak official State Police records to embarrass a political opponent. Yes, you could learn these things and much more from the Pataki Administration.