By Roger Stone Dear John, I supported you for President eight years ago and again when you announced in 2007 because I think you are the man best prepared to be President as our nation faces an epic struggle with terrorism. I hail from Connecticut and I am all too familiar with the House of Bush. Last week I gave a candid speech to a business group in New York in which I said that a Goldwater-like blowout was possible in November - unless John McCain found his legs and went on offense. Last week, in my view, was the turning point in your campaign. While your comparison of Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears as a vacuous celebrity was on the mark, I would argue that this was a summation ad. First you must demonstrate that Obama does not have the seasoning and judgment to lead this country at this critical time. You are on offense on the energy issue, and Senator Obama does not understand gas prices will drop based on the surety of future oil and gas supply from domestic drilling and exploration. Politics is not about the past but the future. You must demonstrate how your future policies will be different than the Democratic candidate. The other issue on which to do this is National Security . You will recall Governor Eliot Spitzer's proposal to grant drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants. Senator Obama swiftly endorsed the Spitzer proposal, a fact that was overshadowed by Senator Hillary Clinton first offering, and then withdrawing her support for the plan. This is not an immigration issue; this is a security issue that demonstrates the softheaded naïveté of Barack Obama. Drivers' licenses are used as identification to board airplanes, rent cars and trucks and make credit card purchases ? all necessities for individuals who would do this country harm. Granting government issued IDs to people the government has no record of and can keep no record of simply makes no sense. The potential for abuse is enormous. Those who argue opposing illegal immigrant driver's licenses will scare away Hispanic voters are wrong. The softening of your immigration stance has put these voters out of reach. Go after the votes you can win: middle class, working class voters, many of whom voted for Hillary Clinton and for whom she changed her position on this issue. A plurality of Hispanic voters even opposes the stupid Spitzer plan. Fifteen of nineteen September 11 hijackers had 38 driver's licenses between them. Senator Obama is pandering by taking a position he cannot rationally defend. You may recall that 71% of New Yorkers opposed the Spitzer plan. Opposition was particularly intense among working class Catholic Democrats. Get on offense on energy policy and National Security and stop seeking forgiveness for wacky right wing ministers who support you. As Reagan said of the Birchers, "When someone supports me that means they support my views not that I support theirs." And for Christ's sake, stop apologizing. Also, have no allusions about Karl Rove and those around you who enable him. The Bushs have no interest in your political success. Having substantially destroyed the Republican Party they want to take a powder, cozy in the knowledge that four or eight years of Barack Obama will give people time to forget W's bumbling. Then Jebbie, the biggest know-it-all in the family, can get his turn to destroy the Republican Party and lead it to another defeat. These are, after all, the same folks who fired Don Rumsfeld ten days after the election instead of ten days before, most likely costing scores of Republican Congressional Candidates their races. Riding around in a golf cart with President George H.W. Bush is only reminding people what a lousy job his son has done and how he and Cheney bungled the execution of a war most Americans believe they lied us into. Karl is looking for the big score: media and direct mail commissions that he couldn't grab while at the Casa Blanco. This, not your election, explains his interest in 527 activities. His advice to select Mitt Romney as your running mate - along with the chorus of other Bushie voices - is their bid to control the Party's future after you lose. Put the driver's license issue on the air in New Mexico, Colorado, Virginia, and Missouri. Have the guts to stick with it and watch Obama's lead melt. Continued bickering about who was right about the war in Iraq and the surge is self-defeating. On the broader issue of preparedness to be President in a dangerous world, you will win. It's not about experience; it's about seasoning and judgment in a crisis situation. You have demonstrated it, Senator Obama has not. There is one bigger problem; if you examine the undecideds in the current race they; 1) hate Republicans; 2) hate the war and; 3) hate George W. Bush. These voters like you because of your reputation as a maverick and a reformer. Voters need to see that John McCain again. Stop worrying about your base ? if they are entirely happy, you aren't getting any votes outside your base. I have advocated the selection of Charlie Crist for the Vice-Presidential nomination because I think he is a strong and effective campaigner who would aid the ticket in a crucial state. If you bypass Crist because he has only been Governor for two years, you need an "Outside the Box" choice. Your campaign requires what Nixon used to call "a big play." There is really only one. Rob Porter or Tim Pawlenty cannot to cut it in the second spot. Take Mike Bloomberg. He is a businessman who understands the economy and has created thousands of jobs. He would be appealing as the economy surpasses the war as an issue. Additionally he can write a $400 million check to the McCain-Bloomberg Campaign. You would be wise to pledge that you would give him real authority in the economic area but that he would respect and support the pro-life views of the McCain Administration despite his personal position on the issue. Bloomberg would not put New York in play but he would make New Jersey and Pennsylvania competitive with their sizeable Jewish and moderate Republican and suburban voter blocks. You share a strong personal relationship with the Mayor. He can put your campaign on an even financial footing with the Obama's effort, and Bloomberg will be appealing to those undecided's we discussed previously. Lastly, I read where Senator Obama said he would debate you "Anytime, Anywhere." You challenged him to a series of town hall debates and criticized him for ducking - for one whole news cycle. You should pound him on his refusal in the opening of any remarks you make publicly between now and the time he relents. Good Luck Roger Stone