The endorsement of Senator John McCain by Independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut was a well targeted play to get Independents to vote for McCain in the New Hampshire Primary. Lieberman is popular with the voters McCain needs. But his endorsement is more significant. If McCain can win the New Hampshire Primary and leads the race until February 5, he will be the Republican nominee. In taking the former Democrat from Connecticut for Vice President, he could fashion the strongest ticket in modern times. Lieberman must maintain his Independent status while jubilant Republican delegates endorse Lieberman for Vice President at McCain's request. Lieberman is an experienced candidate who shares McCain's world view but would attract moderate Democrats, Jews and Independents to the McCain Ticket. Lieberman is vetted, surefooted and well known to the American people. At a time when the country is at war, it would bring a bipartisanship (or tripartisanship) to American politics.