by Roger Stone Watching the various TV talking heads gush about Joe Biden as a blue-collar guy from Scranton, PA made me wonder whether I had entered some parallel universe where everything is backwards. Joe Biden, never seen without his US Senate cuff links, is a back-country Wilmington Country Club elitist and a plagiarist whose son was on the payroll of a credit card company that Biden was pimping for in the US Senate ? an example of exactly what is wrong in Washington. Joe Biden is also perhaps the single most pompous and self important member of the US Senate. He is so in love with his own voice that he literally never knows when to shut up. There is a reason why he ran fifth in the Democratic Presidential Primary; the voters don?t like him. The chances that he will have the discipline to resist one of his trademark rages in response to some voter?s questions are nil. Biden must also avoid being photographed from behind in view of the fact that he has perhaps the worst hair transplant I?ve ever seen ? a subject I know a little about. That anyone thinks this pompous windbag was a good choice for Vice President defies reason.