by Roger Stone John McCain?s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President over a host of more conventional choices demonstrates his campaign?s new agility and ability to think outside the box. The selection of a woman with conservative credentials keeps McCain?s base intact yet provides potential outreach to female voters still upset by the failure of Hillary Clinton to make the National ticket. Some will argue that Palin is light on experience but two years as Governor affords you more experience than three terms in the Illinois State Senate. Obama has no accomplishments whatsoever to point to in his two years in the US Senate. The wisdom of McCain?s selection will be judged largely on Palin?s performance at the Convention and on the stump. Expectation levels are low and she will almost certainly exceed them. Furthermore, Joe Biden?s blunderbuss style in debate with a woman has a high probability to backfire. Voters are likely to see Biden as the know-it-all ass that he is. Voters are likely to react well to the contrast between a self important windbag and an articulate woman with five children from a blue collar family. Bravo, Senator McCain.