by Roger Stone NBC talking head Chris Matthews has confirmed to former Reagan White House Speechwriter Peggy Noonan that he will challenge Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter in 2010 because he believes Specter will be too old to be effective. Matthews told Noonan that Pennsylvania voters view him as a "local guy." Chris Matthews may look in the mirror and see a US Senator but I see nothing other than a self important windbag. Matthews, known best for slagging his fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton and his abusive nature with underlings at MSNBC, has also been known to comb his hair for hours before his TV appearances. Therefore I plan to start a new 527 committee - 'MOUTH' - 'Movement Opposing Unqualified Talking Heads' which will collect, review and organize everything Matthews has said or written in his public career in preparation for television ads introducing the real Chris Matthews to Pennsylvania voters. NBC officials should fire Matthews given the fact that his partisan personal ambitions will now cloud any political analysis he may put forward. You can't be a candidate and an unbiased analyst at the same time. To demand that Matthews be fired, click HERE.