By Roger Stone The media's savage attacks on Governor Sarah Palin reflect consternation in the Obama camp over the curve ball that is John McCain's Vice President pick. Baseless arguments about Palin's lack of experience only underline Barack Obama's thin resume. Claims that Palin is a lightweight are just democrats whistling past the graveyard. Starting with Palin's strong performance in her acceptance speech, the Governor of Alaska went from being a base-assuring candidate to a candidate with enormous outreach potential. The more voters see of Palin, the more they will like her; the more voters see of Joe Biden, the more they will recognize his pomposity and self-importance. Palin will wear well, Biden will not. Having now met Palin and seen her discussing energy policy, I can now report that under-estimating her knowledge and command of the facts is a grievous error by over confident Democrats. Despite the almost rabid ravings of the Keith Olbermanns, David Gergens and Chris "the mouth" Matthews, Palin is poised to surpass Obama in national popularity as voters embrace her lack of elitism and rally to her side as she faces relentless attacks by left-wing jackals in the media. The New Yorker's Jeff Toobin attack on the GOP after the speeches by Senators Thompson and Lieberman as the party of "old white men" makes little sense in light of McCain's selection of the telegenic Palin. Meanwhile MSNBC should rename its self MSDNC as the increasingly lame news network has abandoned any shred of objectivity and exists now as an arm of the Obama campaign. It's a shame that Keith Olbermann did not travel to Minneapolis, St. Paul as a poll in the bar at my hotel last night found him easily leading as "the reporter I'd like most to punch in the mouth." John McCain will get a bigger bounce from his Convention than Obama after he shows the American people his vision for a post-Bush America tonight. (A previous dispatch was dictated from Minneapolis and has been correct above)