For many years John McCain was a traditional Republican fiscal conservative, fighting runaway spending and trying to slice pork out of the Federal budget. McCain never seemed to understand the economic growth that emanated from tax-cuts. But McCain's recognition and reappraisal on the tax cut issue is reassuring many supply-side conservatives who otherwise admire McCain record of heroism and a hard line on national defense. Mea culpa's by the Arizona Senator have gone a long way towards convincing New Hampshire based anti-tax conservatives that, while he would be different from George W. Bush in many ways, McCain would continue Bush's drive for tax reduction. An analysis in New Hampshire shows that McCain's supporters are more intense in their support than Romney's whose votes are particularly soft. McCain is gathering steam in New Hampshire. If Huckabee wins the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire becomes a three-way dog fight between Huckabee, Romney and McCain, any intervention by pro- McCain Independents into the primary could be decisive. McCain's support for climate control and mortgage relief are particularly popular with Republican/leaning independents who can vote in the Republican primary. The McCain campaign now has tight message control and a cogent strategy to win the Granite State. McCain can utilize the support of Senator Lindsey Graham and the Surge to win in South Carolina. First place in the South Carolina is a must for Huckabee and probably the last chance for Romney to come back from back- to- back defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire. If McCain can win the support of Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who McCain endorsed in the Florida gubernatorial primary, and the Florida Senate President Ken Pruitt, McCain could win a Florida victory against a bleeding Romney and a wounded Huckabee. The decline of Giuliani particularly helps McCain in the Sunshine State. What appears to be the melt down of Guiliani benefits McCain, as 8 out of 10 Rudy voters move to the Arizona Senator. Most of the big states scheduled to vote on Feb 5th are hospitable to McCain and Guiliani's collapse will also help McCain in these determinative states. With campaign manager Rick Davis now running a tight ship and old Reagan- hand Charlie Black on the road with McCain, the campaign has some seasoned strategists to apply what could be a winning strategy. The possibility of John McCain's nomination and election for President of the United States is now an amazing reality.