So FANNIEMAE paid McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis some paltry consulting fees because of his closeness to Senator McCain. Davis must not be much of a lobbyist because McCain co-sponsored legislation calling for greater oversight of the Housing mortgage giant. Jim Johnson, who briefly headed Barack Obama's Vice Presidential search and who only last week was representing the Obama campaign in a presentation for key Clinton backers Obama is trying to pull into his campaign. Johnson made millions running FANNIEMAE between his salary, bonuses and stock options even as he sowed the seeds of the current financial crisis. Johnson, who meticulously managed Walter Mondale's losing campaign for President against Ronald Reagan, bet me dinner at the Washington Palm restaurant that Mondale would carry Ohio which I was running for the President's reelection campaign. The Gipper carried the Buckeye State. Johnson has yet to pay off the bet. Figures. Franklin Raines is another FANNIEMAE insider who made millions for himself while thousands lost their homes in foreclosure. After Raines bragged to the Wall Street Journal that he was advising Obama on "mortgage issues," Obama's campaign sought to put distance between themselves and the indiscrete Raines. All of this proves that the "lobbyist issue" raised by Obama against McCain is absurd. Obama is surrounded by lobbyists and Washington insiders who last cashed-in during the Clinton administration and are anxious to get there nose back in the troth.