Barack Obama likes to talk about his refusal to engage in the negative politics of the past but his campaign tactics have hit a new low when it comes to truth. I am certainly one who understands the pugilistic nature of politics and the need for hardball messaging that drives voters into your column. These messages must have some arguable interpretation of the facts. When John McCain's campaign put a lame TV ad up on the Internet that charged that Senator Obama favored sex education for kindergarteners, the media was swift to decry the Arizona Senator's drop to the level of Karl Rove and the dirty politics that defeated McCain in South Carolina. Yet when the New York Times ran a front page story revealing that an Obama campaign radio commercial running in key states, and targeted at senior citizens blatantly misrepresenting Senator McCain's position and record on stem cell research, there has been no such outcry although the ad has been condemned by both and McCain has consistently supported federal financing for stem cell research since 2001. He voted for the 2007 Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act which President Bush vetoed and signed a letter with 57 other Senator's urging the President to change his policy on stem cell research in 2004. Yet over the last weekend I heard this radio ad which says that McCain "has stood in the way of stem cell research"- an outrageous smear which is not even arguably defensible by the Obama campaign spokespeople if anyone in the media bothered to hold them accountable in view of Obama's pledge that he is "not going to start making up lies about John McCain". As dirty tricks go, this one isn't very clever because its deception is so obvious.