New York Governor Eliot Spitzer wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post on February 14th that criticized the Bush Administration for its failure to crackdown in the sub-prime lending scandal. Spitzer declined to mention that the prime-movers pushing politically-correct social engineering by pressing lenders to give mortgages to poor people and minorities, and then pressed FANNIE MAE to buy these mortgages to ?extended home ownership to lower income Americans,? were Senator Chuck Schumer, Congressman Barney Frank and ACORN, the left-wing activist group which registered voters for and supported Eliot Spitzer?s election as Governor. Now comes a wacky left-wing theory that Spitzer was ?taken out? by the Bush Justice Department because of his criticism of the Administration on the sub-prime mortgage issue. This is nonsense. Spitzer took himself out because he was arrogant enough to think that he could break laws regarding money laundering, prostitution and transporting a person over state lines for illegal activity, also known as the Mann Act with impunity. Prince Eliot, born of wealth and privilege, big on ego and drunk with power, thought the laws didn?t apply to him. This effort to rehabilitate Spitzer must be refuted. Eliot Spitzer defrauded the taxpayers of New York of honest services when he used the State Police to spy on his political opponents. Use of State funds for political purposes is a felony. In this case, Spitzer?s activities deprived Republican leader Joseph Bruno of his civil liberties. Spitzer also conspired with his father to receive over $8.9 million through loans and property transfers for his campaigns for Attorney General in circumvention of State Election laws which limited Bernard Spitzer to $100,000. Spitzer compounded this illegal act by lying about it under oath. Spitzer also conspired with the Albany District Attorney, David Soares, to clear his Administration of illegal activity in the so-called Troopergate matter without taking any testimony under oath or issuing subpoenas for E-mails and telephone records. Spitzer also conspired to cover up his own involvement in the State Police spying scandal and repeatedly denied knowledge or involvement. E-mail records and testimony that came to light after Spitzer?s fall show that he approved and directed the effort to monitor Bruno?s movements and create state documents to be given to a friendly reporter at the Albany Times Union. In other words, Spitzer lied. In short, Spitzer went down because he never had the temperament, judgment, honesty or understanding of democratic government to fill a job held with integrity by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Al Smith, Nelson Rockefeller, Thomas E. Dewey, Hugh Carey and Mario Cuomo.