There comes a time in a presidential campaign where a targeted state can move beyond the reach of your candidate. Under no circumstances would you publically announce a withdrawal from the state, thus, demoralizing your supporters in all the other states, including swing states. The fact that more and more states have early voting makes this all the more important. If Michigan moved beyond the grasp of the McCain campaign they could have taken a page from Francis ?the Swampfox? Marion, the famous confederate guerilla fighter. Rather than announce a unilateral pull out, the campaign could have tapered off their McCain-Palin TV advertising, increased Republican National Committee advertising, curtailed campaign visits by Senator McCain and Governor Palin but increased campaign visits by surrogates by Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Senator Joseph Lieberman. Volunteers could have been bused-in from adjoining states for door to door canvases in high profile swing states and several campaign store fronts could be left open for volunteers after a ?consolidation.? In other words, cover your retreat without telegraphing your shift of resources to other states. The damage to morale among your workers in swing states is incalculable. Additionally, voters who are for you decide the race is over and don?t bother to vote. Just who is running the McCain campaign? Have they ever done this before?