Democratic voter fraud will be greater this year than in any Presidential election since Mayor Richard Daley stuffed the Chicago ballot boxes for JFK in 1960 while Lyndon Johnson had hundreds of thousands of Texas absentee ballots burned before they could be counted. ACORN, a left-wing activist group that supports Obama, is literally dragging homeless people, people from drug rehab centers, soup kitchens and women in domestic abuse shelters to the polling places for early voting. In Ohio any warm body can register and vote on the same day-an open invitation for voter fraud. ACORN is the organization that ignited grassroots demand that FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC loosened their lending criteria and took on sub-prime loans by poor people and minorities which caused the current stock market crash and the financial crisis in America. ACORN has long ties to Senator Barack Obama through Project Vote which is a front group for ACORN that includes several left-wing unions. Obama has publicly confirmed his association with Project Vote. The shady, ?bag and drag? operation by ACORN is an old Chicago machine specialty used to corral drunks, druggies and vagrants and plying them with a dollar bill or a shot of whiskey to vote the straight Democratic ticket. The tactic is being used in Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown and Cleveland today. Florida officials are familiar with ACORN because the organization forged thousands of names on a petition to put a minimum wage Constitutional Amendment on the statewide ballot in 2006. ACORN is now under investigation in Indiana where 2,000 voter registration forms they turned in had 1,100 illegal signatures and forgeries this year. In Missouri, Jackson County Board of Elections Officials report over 800 phony voter registrations with the same person in some instances registering several times but using different addresses, different social security number, different birthdates and different phone numbers. Voter fraud is a felony in Missouri and the FBI has moved into Jackson County to conduct an investigation. The FBI also raided an ACORN office in Las Vegas this week. ACORN has mounted a major effort in Nevada because it is a swing state targeted by the Obama campaign. Phony registration forms turned into the state included names of several Dallas Cowboy football players who do not live in the state. In Washington State in 2006, ACORN turned in 1,800 voter registration applications; all but six of them were tampered with, and illegal. In some cases ACORN workers have taken names directly from the phonebook. In other instances ?Dick Tracy,? ?Marilyn Monroe,? ?Snow White? and ?Yogi Bear? have been registered. It is not inconceivable, with John McCain still within hailing distance of victory, that the 2008 election could be stolen in Nevada, Ohio and Indiana. For more go to NEWSMAX at: