By Roger Stone

Alterman: Modern Day Nazi
A liberal website, 'Media Matters for America [MMA],' had a recent conniption fit when I was interviewed by John Roberts on CNN. The open minded liberals at MMA love free speech - as long as it agrees with their point of view. I am a veteran of Senior Staff positions in eight National Republican campaigns spanning almost three and a half decades. This qualifies me to have some unique perspective on the 2008 election. A review of my remarks on CNN would show that I was equally critical of both the McCain and Obama campaigns. The freaks at MMA feel I should have no right to speak because of my past use of hardball tactics in American politics. These are the new speech police. They will decide whose voice is heard. This is, of course, exactly the way Hitler started. Silence your critics and attempt to intimidate the media from hearing different points of view. The folks at MMA particularly object to a slang expression that I used to describe Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately that slang expression describes Senator Clinton perfectly and it is well within my First Amendment right to use. Those extremists at MMA are the new censors. Their ravings are a foreshadowing of the coming efforts by an Obama Administration, if they are elected, to shutdown and censor conservative talk radio using big brother government to do it. Particularly ironic is MMA's Eric Alterman's appearance in the documentary film on Lee Atwater, "Boogieman" where Alterman goes on and on about his friendship with Atwater, who was caught red-handed smearing a congressional candidate in South Carolina for being Jewish and was the de facto progenitor of the "Willie Horton" ad which I tried to talk Atwater out of unleashing. Alterman doesn't seem to have a problem appearing in a film which publicizes the views and record of Atwater even posthumously. Media Matters for America - the modern day Nazis. To register your objection to the warped thinking of the "journalists" at Media Matters for America, go to: