By Roger Stone Republican political consultant stabbed his party and presidential candidate in the back last week in which he told a New York Daily News reporter, Thomas M. DeFrank, that ?this election [is] slipping away.? DeFrank is the co-author of Rollins? biography, ?Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms: My Life in American Politics,? a work of fiction which sold poorly. ?This is a closed jury now. The country has rendered its verdict on McCain.? Rollins told the Daily News. Although the quote was attributed to a ?Republican veteran of many Presidential campaigns,? they were yet another example of Rollins undermining his party and his party?s candidates. Reporters love the buffoonish Rollins who can always be counted on to denigrate Republicans and Conservatives. Although Rollins was the titular head of the Reagan-Bush ?84 campaign in which the incumbent President cruised to victory on a strong economy, Rollins had no involvement in Reagan?s 1976 or 1980 Presidential campaigns. Rollins took the helm of Jack Kemp?s 1988 campaign, drove it into a ditch, and resurfaced to chair the campaign of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in 2008, subsequently trashing his candidate for refusing to knee-cap John McCain with harsh negative TV ads. With 40 years experience in American politics, I know no political professional, Republican or Democrat, who respects Ed Rollins.