By Roger Stone Back when New York Governor Eliot Spitzer first proposed granting Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants, Senator Barack Obama immediately supported this insane policy granting government issued IDs for people we cannot identify or track. Senator Hillary Clinton was goaded into initially supporting the proposal from her home state Governor but recanted three days later after the public uproar in New York State where 72% of voters opposed the scheme. A Rasmussen poll in 2007 showed 77% of national voters opposing Governor Spitzer's bizarre scheme. Spitzer tried to argue that giving Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants would somehow make us "safer." Public revulsion over the idea caused Spitzer to withdraw the plan. Clearly this is not an immigration issue but an important national security issue. The policy would simply make it easier for a terrorist to strike America again. Asked point-blank if he supported the Spitzer policy, Barack Obama said "YES." The 19 9/11 hijackers had 38 Drivers Licenses between them that they used to board planes, rent trucks, and make credit card purchases in order to attack the World Trade Center. The idea of the government issuing a standard official ID to people in the United State illegally boggles the mind. Curiously, Senator John McCain has never raised this vital national security issue in the current campaign. I have written and produced a television ad which can still raise this important issue in key battleground states. If you agree with this ad which is displayed here on, you can use your credit card to pay for and run this ad on cable stations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Missouri by going to and clicking on the commercial to air titled "Atta" (Vote).
Additionally, the National Republican Trust, a political action committee that opposes Obama is running strong ads raising this important issue in Ohio, a state where John McCain and Barack Obama are in a dead-heat! Americans who want to make a difference can go to to contribute to air these hard hitting and accurate TV ads. Act today - voters in swing states need to know about Barack Obama's support for this dangerous proposal.