Hillary Clinton campaign manager Mark Penn, who thought that the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination could be won with prodigious public policy plans, miscalculated the voters need to actually "like" the candidate they are voting for. The Ice Queen demonstrates no likable qualities. She continues to come across as cold, calculating, and robotic. Her unwillingness to fathom the possibility that she could lose the nomination in an interview with Katie Couric showed the arrogance and sense of entitlement of the New York Senator. Kicking himself is former Vice-President Al Gore, who passed on this race not because he no longer wants to be President but because of his self-doubt about whether he could beat Mrs. Clinton. Now a three-term Illinois State Senator is on the verge of wresting the nomination from the former first lady. Iowa appears to be a three-way dog fight which Hillary Clinton can certainly lose. While it is difficult to construct a post-Iowa scenario where John Edwards gets nominated, his very real presence in Iowa is a problem for Obama as an Edwards voter is an unavailable anti-Clinton vote. Former president Bill Clinton has been quietly bad-mouthing Penn and his clearly failing strategy and is taking a highly visible role in his effort to bail the campaign out. New ads by Mandy Grunwald designed to show Hillary's "soft side" are seen as too little, too late. The Clinton nomination, based on the premise that Democrats yearned for a return of "Bill and Hil", turns out to be based on a false premise.