By Roger Stone So Colin Powell, one of the guys who lied us into the war in Iraq and swore there were WMDs there, is now for Barack Obama. Powell would never have been Chairman of the Joint Chiefs if he were white. A sad example of Reagan filling a racial quota.

Ken Duberstein: Pathetic whore
In a desperate attempt to save his inside-the-beltway lobbying practice, former Reagan White House Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein has endorsed Obama. The real question is why Duberstein, a former staffer for liberal Republican Senator Jacob ''Jake the Snake" Javits, who opposed Reagan's bid to become President and certainly never shared his political views, was on Reagan's staff to begin with. British Singer Seal says he and super-model wife Heidi Klum will leave the country if McCain is elected. Boy, we're going to miss her. The Republican National Committee gives a $60 million contract to Mitt "the Chameleon" Romney's media consultant Alex Castellanos-guess they couldn't find anyone who was for McCain. The radio ads produced by Castellanos are pathetic. Early 2012 jockeying begins at the Republican Governor's Association meeting in Miami November 13-15. Expect Governors Haley Barbour and Charlie Crist to start testing the waters. Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer thinks he's running for RNC Chairman-but not without a forensic audit of Republican Party of Florida spending and almost one millions dollars of un-itemized American Express bills on state party filings in Tallahassee. Can you say 'gentlemen's clubs'? Who is the genius who decided that having Dick Cheney, the single most despised man in American public life, endorse John McCain last week was a good idea? Why can't Cheney be in an undisclosed location when we need him to be? There is nothing quite as stupid as an Obama supporter- check this out. Can't wait until this dumbo is bitterly disillusioned. The New York Times Sunday Magazine reporter Matt Bai writes that an upset victory for McCain would lead to "inevitable charges of fraud." Never heard of ACORN, Matt?