By Roger Stone

Rachel Maddow: saccharine smile
MSNBC?s Rachel Maddow is the new toast of liberal America for her snarky repartee and her saccharine smile. But even she should recognize how she undermines her own credibility by letting Barack Obama blather on in an interview about the need for greater transparency in government without asking him why his campaign refuses to make public the source of millions of dollars of campaign contributions under $200, most of which come from credit cards and money orders from people legally ineligible to give. In the wake of Obama?s reversal of his decision to accept public campaign financing, it is the greatest scandal in the 2008 campaign. Don?t hold your breathe waiting for Common Cause or Fred Werthheimer or other campaign reform types to pursue these gross violations after the election; they are only interested in malfeasance when it is committed by Republicans. The New York Time?s editorial page is strangely silent on a scandal far greater than Watergate. If Republican charges that Obama has accepted millions in illegal campaign contributions are false why doesn?t he simply release the donor names and addresses? This must be pursued after the election and criminal penalties must be sought for those responsible-unless of course President Obama intends to pardon the perps. When the Bush White House was caught red handed accessing Bill Clinton?s passport files at the state department in 1992 the media went wild. Where are these same privacy advocates now that Ohio State elected officials who are Democrats have illegally accessed state records for Joe ?Joe the Plumber? Wurzelbacher in an effort to discredit him? When Clinton White House dirty tricks operative Craig Livingstone was caught with confidential FBI files on prominent Republican elected officials and contributors, (clearly collected at the direction of that great civil libertarian Hillary Clinton) the media outrage was inaudible. Liberals love to whine about the undermining of the Constitution by Nixon and his henchmen but nary a peep from them when New York?s disgraced Governor Eliot Spitzer used the New York State Police to spy on his political opponents and fabricate state records to leak to the press to discredit them. Obamarama will make Watergate look tame. Hypocrisy will be the order of the day. Obama is right about one thing though ? his Administration will make us cling to our churches and our guns. Let them try to take away either. I opposed the Patriot Act because, as a Conservative I have real problems with the government wire-tapping citizens without a court issued warrant. If civil libertarians are concerned about government eavesdropping in the Bush Administration, wait until they see the Obama Administration?s efforts to stifle criticism and silence critics. Big Brother is coming.