By Roger Stone

Sarah Palin: Just getting started
"Never before in the history of American politics has any political candidate ever been so maligned by the unrepentant liberal biased media, the pseudo-intellectuals, the Hollywood elite, and the bloggers and the haters" - Naomi Judd, introducing Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in Springfield, Mo. Actress-singer Naomi Judd could figure it out but the morons in the McCain campaign couldn't. Those in the media elite who have successfully created a caricature of Governor Sarah Palin needed to be strongly counterattacked, not ignored. They told us that she insisted on the teaching of creationism in the public schools to the exclusion of other theories of design - a lie. They told us that her daughter was really the mother of her Down Syndrome baby - a lie. These pointy-heads tell us Palin is unqualified to be President - even though she has written an $11 billion dollar state budget, leads an organization with 29,000 employees, cut taxes providing a rebate of $1,300 for every Alaska taxpayer and she negotiated the start of a natural-gas pipeline that will be the largest civil engineering project on this continent - a goal that eluded three of her predecessors as Governor. Much more preferable is Joe Biden, the Senate bloviator who, when he is not stuffing his lobbyist son and brother's pockets with bribes, has managed to have a perfect record on foreign policy - he has managed to be wrong on every major foreign policy question since coming to the Senate. This gaffe-a-day blow-hard couldn't hold a real job out side of elective office. They harped on aides spending $150,000 on clothing for Palin to wear on the campaign stump but ignored the $100,000 bribe that Joe Biden's lobbyist son got from the Wilmington credit card company in return for Biden's taking the lead for legislation which makes it very difficult for middle-class families to declare bankruptcy using Chapter 7, which liquidates debt. And in most cases, bankruptcy judges are prevented from revising mortgages, which means true relief for hard-pressed home owners may be effectively impossible. Thanks, Joe, now go back to your mansion in tony Greenville, Delaware, which was financed by the very banks you screwed the tax-payers for. The New York Time's television critic Alessandra Stanley tells us that actress Tina Fey's hysterical impression of Palin uses only mostly "verbatim" quotes from the Alaska Governor, another New York Times lie. Not since Barry Goldwater was depicted as a neo-Nazi, trigger-happy, warmonger has a candidate for national office been so egregiously smeared. Voters who cite Palin as their reason for voting against McCain have sadly bought into this vicious parody. What Palin's critics will learn in the long term is that charisma and presence cannot be learned. Palin has both. Over time she will be able to demonstrate that not only is she not a blithering idiot but is far more intelligent and capable than most of her critics themselves. The midst of a Vice-Presidential campaign where Palin is under relentless attack is probably not the best forum to demonstrate this. After Election Day Palin will do the Leno/Letterman/Conan talk show circuit much like Nixon did Jack Paar after his 1960 defeat, and demonstrate that she is both smarter and more likable than the nasty caricature she is currently stuck with. Palin now has the two most important assets one can have in American politics; a fervent base of voters who intensely support her and celebrity status which will allow her to outdraw any politician in the country in terms of public interest. As support for Barack Obama wanes and voters figure out that he is not only not the messiah but in fact long on talk and short on delivery, Palin will look better and better. Those in the McCain Campaign who decided to closet her have done the Governor an enormous disservice. I recognize that defending her will bring me a raft of nasty incoming email from the haters and scoffing from the loud mouth know-it-alls like Chris Matthews and his snotty elitist ilk. So be it. Those who don't recognize that Sarah Palin's political career is just beginning are fools.