Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's hiring of Republican operative Ed Rollins spells the beginning of the end of Huckabee's prospects for the Presidency. Huckabee's recent rise is largely attributed to the galvanizing of the Evangelical Christian base in Iowa behind an Evangelical Christian minister. Remember that Pat Robertson actually won the Iowa caucuses by galvanizing this same base. Huckabee shows much less progress in New Hampshire where Evangelical Christians are a smaller presence in the Republican primary electorate. Huckabee has predictably gained dramatically in Baptist South Carolina. Rollins brings scant successful political experience to Huckabee's campaign. I was surprised when CNN broadcast the Rollin's announcement live from Iowa when Ed Rollins said, "I was there when Ronald Reagan couldn't get elected Governor. I was there Ronald Reagan couldn't get elected President." Rollins had no role in Ronald Reagan's 1966 or 1970 campaigns for Governor; indeed he was in college in 1966. Rollins bounced around to a bunch of bureaucratic Government jobs - none of them political. Rollins was also not involved in anyway in Reagan's 1976 campaign when he almost snatched the nomination from a sitting President. Rollins had no role and was largely unknown to the Reagan staff when the Gipper was elected in 1980. Rollins did run a northern California phone bank for the 'Committee to Reelect the President' in 1972 for Nixon's reelection. That was his sole presidential campaign experience prior to 1984. Longtime Reagan aide Lyn Nofziger plucked Rollins from a dreary California Republican State Assembly staff job and brought him to Washington to serve as Nofziger's deputy in the White House political shop. After Reagan-loyalist Nofziger left in a huff, Rollins moved up the ladder to Nofziger's job. When it came time for Reagan's reelection in 1984, Campaign Chairman Paul Laxalt and White House Chief of Staff James A. Baker, III, could not agree on a campaign manager and ultimately compromised on the hapless Rollins. Baker inserted the crafty Lee Atwater as Rollin's deputy, functionally to do Rollins' job since Ed is known for his ten to four work schedules and uninterruptible weekends. The Rollins' legend goes on. He has systematically worked for and then publicly trashed Bob Dole, Michael Huffington, Ross Perot, K.T. McFarland and Christie Whitman and Bill Simon, Jr., among others. He was forced to resign as an advisor to the Dole campaign after making inappropriate racial remarks in a speech in San Francisco. His bragging about "suppressing the Black vote" in New Jersey sparked a public uproar and triggered a Federal Grand Jury investigation, tarnishing Christie Whitman's narrow win. The Huckabee campaign is being steered by Dick Morris who worked as Huckabee's consultant in his campaigns for Lt. Governor and Governor. Huckabee admitted "talking to Dick" and called him "one of the smartest guys in politics". It is only a matter of time before the volatile Rollins and the crafty Morris clash. When Rollins advice is not followed - he walks and goes public with the campaigns inner bickering. It's a pattern repeated over and over. This should be good.