By Roger Stone

Dick Morris writing for The New York Post is apoplectic about President-elect Obama asking Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. Morris rants that Obama has made a mistake because Hillary will pursue her own agenda and because neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton have foreign policy experience. Actually Obama?s choice of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State is a stunning act of self confidence and a brilliant stroke which essentially neuters the only other power center in the Democratic Party other than hard Left. Obama now controls Hillary who will have no choice but to follow the President?s foreign policy. If America has not withdrawn from Iraq within 16 months as Obama pledged in the campaign, both Hillary and President Obama will be culpable. Hillary can raise no money, campaign for no candidates and have no PAC. She and her husband will be forced to refrain from criticism of the Administration. If Obama is going to govern from the center and sustain criticism from the types, he can not afford criticism from the center right of his party. Not since John F. Kennedy selected Senator Lyndon Johnson for Vice President has a President made so bold a move to both neutralize and control a major party power. The path to 2012 will be easier with Hillary inside the tent pissing out instead of outside the tent pissing in.