By Roger Stone

Never learns
An Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post by Elliot Spitzer presumes to advise the new President on how to clean up Wall Street. Incredibly Spitzer says, "Mistakes in my private life prevent me from public service." Elliot Spitzer still doesn't get it- it's mistakes in his public life that mark him as not fit for public service. In the wake of his involvement in the call girl scandal and his resignation, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that Spitzer and his top aides were ultimately proven to have directed and lied about an effort to use the New York State Police to spy on his political opponents and fabricate State records to leak to the press.

Did he use the N-word?
Despite a concerted effort to stone wall a State Senate investigation and political pressure put on the State Ethics Commission to whitewash its investigation as well as efforts to successfully whitewash an investigation by the Albany County District Attorney (who cleared Spitzer initially without taking any testimony from Spitzer aides under oath or using his subpoena power to obtain state and personal email records) - the cover-up collapsed after Spitzer's resignation and the governor's emails to and from his staff prove that he personally directed and approved the dirty tricks operation against Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Additionally, the governor's top aide ultimately testified under oath that Spitzer not only approved the illegal attack on Bruno but also instructed him to "Put a hot poker up his ass." Then there is the matter of the nearly $9 million illegally funneled from billionaire Bernard Spitzer to two of Eliot Spitzer's campaigns for Attorney General. Family members are limited to a $100,000 campaign contribution under New York law. Eliot Spitzer even committed perjury when he denied the loans from his father under oath in a lawsuit over the financing of his campaign. The New York Times and The New York Daily News both reported Spitzer's consistent lying about the source of his campaign cash. It is also time to stop idealizing Eliot Spitzer's time in the Attorney General's office where he used leaks and press releases that threatened to destroy a company's value to get guilty pleas from business people who in many cases had done nothing wrong. The matters started under Eliot Spitzer usually lost if they actually got to trial. Spitzer obtained a settlement agreement with Marsh insurance only after demanding that a protege be appointed the head of a subsidiary company. The Attorney General's office was essentially a criminal enterprise. Spitzer picked an odd time to launch his rehabilitation campaign, with Ashley Dupre, the call girl Spitzer met in Washington confirming his fondness for wearing black knee socks during the sex act in an interview on ABC, according to The New York Post. Additionally Spitzer's father Bernard goes on trial in Bronx Superior Court today in a racial discrimination case where Spitzer directed the racial harassment and firing of four African American men. All four were replaced by whites. Testimony that Bernard Spitzer used the 'N-word' in his discussion of the matter is expected. For more information go to: