By Roger Stone

Spitzer: Cheated to win
So in the same ten days Bernard Spitzer is held liable for racial discrimination, Eliot Spitzer's wife announces she is going to work for a hedge fund (!) and hooker Ashley Dupree does a national interview on ABC confirming yet again the ex-Gov's love of black knee socks, Eliot Spitzer pens an op-ed for the Washington Post testing the waters for rehabilitation in the worst possible week and finally it is announced that the ex-law man will write a column for Slate, the on-line magazine. The ex-Governor will write about business and law which is interesting in that he has never made a dime in the private sector, his wealthy coming gifts of real estate and income from his father. While he used blackmail as Attorney General to force companies and individual to plead guilty to charges they weren't guilty of lest their company's value be destroyed by press-release and leak. After his resignation as Governor both testimony and e-mails came to light which proves that Spitzer knew of, approved and directed the effort to use the State Police to destroy the Governor's political opponents and repeatedly lied about it. Nothing Spitzer writes can be believed because the man is a proven liar. That Spitzer would be hired by Slate Editor Jacob Weisberg only figures. Weisberg has little regard for facts, having written the first major hit-piece on me for the NEW REPUBLIC some 30 years ago and having failed to kill the king. The piece was both intellectually and factually dishonest. The hit-job was on orders of then- New Republic Editor Michael Kinsley who's sexual advances I must have spurned as we were friendly prior to this unprovoked attack on me ( although I have no memory of having done so.) Weisberg and Spitzer. Scum attracts scum.