By Roger Stone Late last Friday the Bronx Superior Court of New York State held Bernard Spitzer, the billionaire who illegally financed his son Eliot Spitzer first and second campaigns for Attorney General, liable in a case of racial discrimination against four African Americans Spitzer ordered fired from working at one of his Luxury buildings.

Bernard Spitzer: Guilty
Eliot Spitzer lied about the loans and gifts from his father that allowed him to essentially purchase the Attorney General's office with a $9.8 million media campaign in interviews with the New York Times and the New York Daily News as well as lying under oath about them in a law-suit brought by his cheated opponents. The four men, who call themselves the 57th Street 4, have waited for justice since 1998 while Spitzer's high priced lawyers have stalled action and a trial date. Now a Jury, after hearing 7 days of testimony, has found Spitzer liable for his ordering the firing after a concerted effort of racial harassment - including forcing a door man to clean toilets with a toothbrush and being told "your kind should be used to it by now" by his building supervisor. The Supervisor admitted that Spitzer ordered him not to hire any "lazy" people which the Jury knew meant "Black" to these racists. An eye witness heard the supervisor say, "Mr. Spitzer said fire all the N-----s", and said so under oath. The New York Daily News has the best story on the background. NY Daily News: The New York Times: Wall Street Journal: NY-1: