By Roger Stone

The candidate
Caroline Kennedy's decision to pick up a US Senate seat like a checked hat didn't deserve the page one, above-the-fold story the New York Times gave it on December 16th. Kennedy leaked her interest three weeks ago when she first spoke to Governor Paterson. The Times story reveals that a campaign is being mounted to get our martyred presidents daughter something she has not earned. It is both inappropriate and untoward to openly campaign for a Senate appointment and in the past has been counterproductive but Ms. Kennedy has scheduled a virtual "Listening Tour," barnstorming Upstate and logging calls from the rich and powerful to Governor Paterson. She has even hired a wily political consultant to help wage her campaign. Caroline Kennedy is no doubt charming and intelligent women. She has no experience in legislating or problem solving and while I am sure she has compassion for the middle and lower classes, she does not know them.
Should turn a blind-eye