Now the STONEzone has advice for the late Christmas shoppers who have to pick out the right gift for someone who is erudite, polished, self confident and cool. Here are my suggestions:


I want stuff that rocks out at Christmas. If you can listen to any of these albums without at least tapping your toes - you're dead. You can't go wrong with any of these.


A quartet of books capture the placid 1950's and turbulent 1960's and gives us a fuller view of President John F. Kennedy, his Attorney General brother, Robert F. Kennedy, their father Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy, Roy Cohn, Senator Stuart Symington, Adlai Stevenson, Frank Costello, Pierre Salinger, Walter Winchell, a cast from those decades. The circumstances surrounding the 1960 election of John F. Kennedy are incredible and all four books have heretofore undisclosed details about dirty tricks in that election, the wholesale use of cash and the involvement of the mob on both sides, for Nixon and Kennedy. All the figures from these tumultuous years come to life when you read all four books. The order is unimportant, but together they paint a vivid picture of the bare knuckled American Politics that took us from Eisenhower to Kennedy to Johnson to Nixon.



A true cutaway collar is hard to find in an off-the-peg shirt. The Hackett cut-away collared Winsor shirt solves that problem, featuring a collar that shoots off at 30o from the horizontal line that goes form shoulder blade to shoulder blade. The look is incredibly stylish and formal, almost like those shirts with detachable collars from the 1920's. There is a catch. Hackett will only ship to the UK. Got a friend in London?


No Jacket breast pocket should be without a fine linen handkerchief- year round. It's a natty finishing touch to a more bon vi vant look and is highly useful for wiping pizza or gelato from your face, sweat from your brow or blowing your nose. Brooks Brothers- Baker's Dozen Linen Handkerchiefs $29.95