In a move sure to raise brows, the Common Council of a town in Wales decided to rename itself after renowned political hit man Roger Stone because it had grown tired of being known as the "home of the hedgehog flavored crisp." The council voted to rename itself 'RogerStone' in the hopes that the legendary political operative's reputation would erase the town's notoriety for producing the world's most disgusting potato chip. "It's haunted us long enough," said council member John Chambers, "so we decided that the only way to overcome the legend of the hedgehog chip was to rename ourselves after the legend that is RogerStone." Chambers noted there was a small group who preferred to name the town 'EliotSpitzer' but they were badly outvoted on the council. "Who wants to be known as the home of the hedgehog crisp?" added council woman Shirley Flanders. "We want to be known for dressing well, our good looks and snappy repartee, not road kill." The council also passed a resolution allowing all residents of the newly named town to get free tattoos of Richard Nixon ala Roger Stone himself. The resolution mandates that the people of RogerStone celebrate Roger Stone's birthday every August 27th. "I'm putting Dick on my buttocks!" one resident exclaimed after the resolution passed unanimously. Tattoo parlors in RogerStone expect to be quite busy and have extended their business hours.
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