Simple arithmetic would put Charlie Christ on every Rep. Presidential candidate's short list for the second slot. Christ's post-partisan politics and his sunny optimism and "can do" spirit has caught on with voters. While Crist has not yet scored victories on either the environmental or property tax issues, voters perceive him as working feverishly for reform. Florida is a must for the GOP. Had Al Gore put Bob Graham instead of Joe Lieberman on the ticket in 2000 he would have been President. Crist would put the Sunshine State in the Republican column. Bachelors don't get selected for Vice President. While Crist denies any Vice President ambitions (as a good politician should), should the Governor marry in the next six months, it would be clear that he is a hopeful candidate. Ronald Reagan ran for President at the 1968 Republican National Convention after only two years as governor and no previous governmental experience. Crist surely has more experience in government today than Reagan had in 1968. If Crist shows substantial progress on issues in the first six months of next year the fact that he is in his first term will not matter.