By Roger Stone

Bruno: Innocent man
The stunning indictment of former New York Senate Republican Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno for mail-fraud, wire-fraud and "theft of honest services" smacks of a late political hit by the acting U.S. Attorney out to collect a high-level scalp before being replaced by the Obama Administration. That Bruno would be prosecuted while former Governor Eliot Spitzer walked on Federal money-laundering charges as well as violation of the Mann Act show once again different systems of justice for the super-wealthy and those who came up the hard way and must work for a living. Criminal lawyers who reviewed the 35 page indictment for the STONEzone thought the charges were thin indeed and pointed out that the mail fraud and wire fraud charges were an attempt to bolster a weak case against the 79 year old Bruno. That the FBI has pushed for a Bruno indictment for three years is a fact. That the previous U.S. Attorney couldn't find a case against Bruno is also a fact. The Acting U.S. Attorney's motives, after three years of harassment including consistent illegal leaks to the Albany Times Union, America's worst newspaper run by pompous blow-hard Rex Smith, regarding the investigation must be examined. Upstate New York and New York City have had no better friend than Joe Bruno who is decent man of both honesty and integrity. Bruno, a former boxer, has announced he has refused to buckle to pressure from the Feds to plead guilty and will fight the charges. Bruno is entitled to the benefit of the doubt. In America one is innocent until proven guilty. New York taxpayers who Bruno has championed in his long legislative career should hope for his acquittal. FOOTNOTE: The Albany Times Union Editor Rex Smith, a long time Bruno critic, is a proven liar. When his newspaper was criticized for their role in the effort to smear Bruno in the Troopergate matter in which former Governor Spitzer had the state police fabricate records to be leaked to the Times-Union, Smith produced letters from the Columbia Journalism Review defending his paper. Smith denied a business relationship between his paper and the Review- a bald-faced lie, as reported by the New York Post.