By Roger Stone A growingly petulant President Obama has it exactly backwards. It is massive Federal pork spending that is the "worn idea" and tax-cutting that provides job-producing stimulus as Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan both proved. Having promised us bi-partisanship and conciliation, Obama now turns to harsh campaign-style rhetoric and exactly the type of "fear mongering" that he accused President George W. Bush of, insisting it will be a "catastrophe" if we don't borrow and spend one trillion dollars immediately. Gone is the President's sunny demeanor replaced by a testiness not seen in his highly disciplined campaign. This the same week that First Mom, Michelle Obama drops the guise and begins touring the Federal departments exhorting Federal employees to support the massive tab of the stimulus bill. Is she really Rosalyn Carter, calling far more of the shots than you think? The result of this pork-laden extravaganza is uncertain at best. Those who argue that massive federal spending in the New Deal lifted us out of depression seem have to forgotten about World War II, the real event which rebuilt our economy and even that still took ten years. Acting as if we must act quickly lest the economy worsen is of course the same scare-tactic that was used to jam the first billion dollar bail-out through the Congress. That bail-out had virtually no effect on the down-slide of the economy and now we learn that the money, in most cases, never even went for the purposes we were told it was for, instead being shoveled into the crumbling automobile industry as their ineffective first course. They too will be back for more. We learn that $120 million of that money went a New York bank who didn't need the money, a bank whose board includes former Senator Alfonse D'Amato. The Signature bank has no toxic assets and its capital ratios are among the highest in the private bank. The bank's CEO was paid $1.4 million in 2007. Salaries and benefits for bank executives have risen from $15million to almost $20 million from 2007 to 2008. Did D'Amato pull string to get the bank TARP funds it really didn't need? Democrats in Congress are finally getting the chance they have been waiting for for thirty years - to fund every cockamamie social program you can imagine and call it "economic stimulus." The more likely result of this expensive and wasteful mega-spending is hyperinflation, dollar devaluation, increased debt load, stagnation, broader business bankruptcy and further job-loss and that could make Republicans relevant again. Having promised change President Obama has come up with no change at all. Just the same old Washington tax and spend.