By Roger Stone I guess Republican National Committee Chairman, Michael Steele, was channeling Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr. when asked by Neil Cavuto on FOX if he would considers withholding Party funds from the re-elections of Senators Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter and he replied, "Oh, yes, I`m always open to everything, baby, absolutely." Steele's insouciant hip-hop tone and swagger is even more ridiculous than the idea of purging Republicans who don't always toe the Party line on every issue to make the Republican Party smaller and narrower. The job of the Republican National Chairman is to keep his Party united and provide leadership that expands - not contracts - the Party. He is to mediate between factions, not run anyone out of the Party. Happy talk about pursuing more African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities calls for an attitude of tolerance to be a reality. Steele's appeal to his co-ethnics is meaningless if he opposes those who would work with President Obama on some issues. It is fine to be conservative but Steele as a spokesman for the Party far right is unacceptable. Senators Collins and Snowe have both been consistent responsible fiscal conservatives opposing wild spending, favoring tax cuts and voting with Senate Republicans. Without the leadership of Senator Arlen Specter as chairman and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, you would have neither John Roberts or Samuel Alto nor Clarence Thomas on the U.S. Supreme Court. Democrats in their place would do none of these things. Should the three of them pull a "Jeffords" and become a Democrat or caucus with the Democrats as an Independent, the GOP will have even less procedural clout in the Senate and the liberal Democrat agenda will be a runaway train. One of my earliest political consulting clients, Tom Kean, who served two terms as Governor of New Jersey said, "Politics is the art of inclusion." My mentor Connecticut Governor John Davis Lodge told me "Politics is about addition not subtraction." Senators Collins, Snowe and Specter still all have more in common with Senate Republicans than Senate Democrats. Withholding Party support for their re-elections bids would be outrageous and would be opposed by the State Republican Parties in both states. One of our greatest Presidents, Ronald Reagan, once said, "I'll always take 70% of the loaf over none." Reagan was a true-believing conservative who understood that it took some pragmatism to get most of what he wanted for the American People. Chairman Steele should learn from Ronald Reagan who once rushed to Illinois to save the re-election of liberal Republican Senator Chuck Percy, because he was a fellow Republican. Chairman Steele needs to cool the rhetoric and back these incumbent Republicans. POSTSCRIPT- several major news organizations continue to scrutinize the campaign spending reports for Chairman Steele's failed U.S. Senate Bid after payment to Steels sister for 'professional services' were reported.