By Roger Stone "I wouldn't want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member," Groucho Marx said famously. I was never a joiner by nature although I did join the New York Union League Club after Marvin Liebman arranged for Senator Jim Buckley and former Nixon Treasury Secretary Bill Simon to be two of my sponsors. I never attended a meeting and drank at the club bar rarely. So naturally I resisted FACEBOOK the internet social networking phenomena. I recognize that FACEBOOK is a good mechanism for finding old schoolmates and acquaintances. Unfortunately it is also a good mechanism for people to find you who you don't want to find you, say ex-girlfriends, one night stands and jealous husbands. It was Matt Eventoff, one of the most talented young Communications Consultants in the business who pointed out to me that the 150 million plus FACEBOOK members held a huge trove of would-be STONEzone readers and subscribers. And thus, I folded and joined the FACEBOOK crowd. The STONEzone is set up as a News/Commentary site not a blog. Although I do answer in-coming e-mails (when it is not just obscene ranting from Spitzer-loving lefties) it's not meant to be a 2 way dialogue. My FACEBOOK account will allow me to tell more people about the STONEzone and give advance notice on breaking stories, gossip or political development. As always I'll say the true things everyone else is thinking but no one has the guts to say. Find me on FACEBOOK