By Roger Stone You can't make this stuff up. Associate Press reports an Assemblyman in New Jersey is pushing for the State to ban the practice of bikini waxing for those women who like hairless appearance. Because my lady friends tell me that the salon treatment is one that a woman would not want to try at home, a regulation banning salons from providing bikini waxing would have the de facto effect of limiting a women's right to be completely hairless down-there in the State of New Jersey.

"There is nothing like a smooth pussy"
Outrageous! Let me say right now that I stand four-square in favor of a women's Constitutional right to a bikini waxing. In fact, I might start a-right-to-wax movement. This is big-brother government at its worst.
To read the rule: Division of Consumer Affairs, Rule Proposal, Volume 40, Issue 23 Issue Date: December 1, 2008: