By Roger Stone Florida State Senate President Jeff Atwater seems like a decent fellow. That's why I was disappointed last week when he failed to support the American principle of the presumption of innocence, one of the most basic in our system of justice. Atwater said he would return a campaign contribution from former New York Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno who has been indicted - but not convicted - in a public corruption case. That the Government's case against Bruno is weak and he may be the victim of an ambitious acting U.S. Attorney, is of no matter to Atwater who told the Miami Herald he would return the $5,000 contribution from the former Senator from New York. Bruno has pleaded not guilty and is represented by Abbe Lowell, former lawyer for President Bill Clinton and Senator Robert Torricelli (D- NJ). Lowell is a fighter who has blasted the indictment. Former Prosecutors who have reviewed the case say Bruno acted with- in Senate rules for outside income and the Government has no "quo" for the alleged "quid" of consultant fees. Atwater's correct response would have been that he would return the contribution if Senator Bruno is convicted. Now, will Atwater return the other $20,000 Bruno quite legally raised from others to help the campaign of his fellow Republican?