By Roger Stone If Arlen Specter is breathing in 2010, which I fully expecting him to be, he will be reelected to the US Senate. The hurdles to his re-election seem far less daunting for the vigorous 79 year old Senator then they did a few short weeks ago. The Republican Right seethed over Specter's vote for Obama's $787 Stimulus bill when he was one of only three Republicans to vote with the President. Former Congressman Pat Toomey put out feelers about a rematch with Specter and speculation was rampant that Specter would doom himself by voting for the Union's card check-off legislation because he had voted with Labor on a similar provision several years ago. What a difference a few days make. Veteran conservative anti-tax advocate, Peg Luksik, who polled 13% as an Independent candidate for Governor, announced that she would challenge Specter in the GOP Primary as did retired US Air Force Officer, Larry Murphy. If Toomey enters the race - which I doubt - Specter will coast to re nomination with anti-Specter votes being split three ways. Specter's forthright speech on the Senate floor announcing his opposition to the Labor Law Reform proposal that would have ended secret ballots and forced companies into arbitration has bolstered his position in the GOP Primary. Specter's strength in a General Election is formidable. Specter's appeal to Jews, African Americans, suburban Independents, and other Democratic - leaning constituencies cannot be underestimated. Specter can be expected to out-think, out-work, and out-fundraise any challenger. Pennsylvania voters, still high on Obama, will respect Specter's willingness to work with the President on some issues.