Spitzer: Liar, perjurer and
obstructor of justice
By Roger Stone Matt Lauer interviewed former Governor Eliot Spitzer on the Today Show this morning. Lauer asked Spitzer how often he had patronized prostitutes and Spitzer replied: "Not frequently, not long in the grand context of my life." In the "grand context" of Eliot's life, Spitzer frequented prostitutes for more than ten years, including during the time he served as New York's Attorney General, the highest law enforcement officer in the state. Even though Spitzer was an aggressive bargainer with madams over prices, according to federal prosecutors he spent at least $58,000 on prostitutes each year. Just as Bill Clinton's blow-jobs from Monica Lewinsky distracted his critics and investigators from more serious crimes, such as selling U.S military secrets to the Chinese for illegal campaign contributions or the whole Clinton-Asian Funny Money scandal, Eliot Spitzer's prostitute problem has obscured his more serious crimes: abuse of power, perjury, and obstruction of justice. You could even add theft of honest services, if you want to include his time as Attorney General when he spared his donors from his crazed crusading and turned a blind eye to tips about Bernard Madoff, who is a friend of Eliot's father. The Spitzers were investors with Madoff. At the time, the prostitution dalliance actually saved Eliot, the faux sheriff of Wall Street, from even greater public scrutiny during his short gubernatorial tenure, which he escaped and still deserves. Governor Eliot was spying on his political enemy Majority Leader Joe Bruno and he used the New York State Police to do it. Then he stonewalled the subsequent investigation, Nixon-style. The Albany County District Attorney David Soares, under whose jurisdiction the state surveillance investigation fell, conducted a sham inquiry into "Troopergate" as a political present to the "Steamroller," the governor's executive nom de guerre, who had been instrumental in the DA's rise. Spitzer aides also failed to cooperate with the State Ethics Board investigation. They refused to testify and withheld e-mail and state records, all in an effort to protect the governor's claims of total ignorance of any surveillance plot -a near ludicrous claim given Spitzer's well known control freak temperament. Spitzer's appointees to the ethics board even tried to whitewash Spitzer's involvement. It was a cover up the likes of which would have made John Dean and Gordon Liddy proud, and it was in the midst of this criminal scenario that the FBI discovered his other criminal activity: solicitation of prostitution. Spitzer's cover up then collapsed. E-mails released after Spitzer left office reveal the he himself okayed the dirty tricks operation to use the State Police to conduct espionage on his political opponents. A Spitzer aide, designated as the "fall guy," ultimately testified that Spitzer directed aides to "Put a hot poker up Bruno's ass" by leaking manufactured state documents that would smear his political rival.

Kristin Davis: said Spitzer got
rough with the girls
While he was Governor, he laundered his call-girl payments to escape federal detection and transported hookers across state lines in willful violation of both federal money laundering statues and the Mann Act. Madame Kristin Davis recently confirmed that Spitzer used multiple call-girl services not just Emperor's Club VIP and that he was banned from one service for being excessively rough with the girls. Davis also said Spitzer was a "weasel" about using the required condom. Any girl in the business will tell you that means he tried to jump them without wrapping it. And now, he's back. He has slithered out from under his shroud of shame with a column at SLATE magazine, and the media has begun to fawn over him as some sort of expert on Wall Street corruption. And Spitzer is all too happy to have us forget that the criminal charges he leveled at A.I.G's longtime CEO Hank Greenberg during his tenure as attorney general were all dismissed. And after A.I.G.'s board removed Greenberg, the company lurched toward collapse. The credit default swaps that brought the company crashing down were done after Greenberg's departure and would have never been done under Greenberg's risk management rules. Spitzer showed no mercy to those whose companies he destroyed, often unfairly through leaks and press releases. Why should he be shown mercy now, let alone looked to as the savior he has already proven himself not to be? Spitzer is an unbalanced megalomaniac and would-be dictator whose only regret is the exposure of his penchant for prostitutes. He violated state election laws in his campaign for attorney general when he received multi-million dollar "loans" from his father, which he lied about under oath in a law suit, but then subsequently admitted the truth. He lied about his abuse of power and he used his office to cover up his crimes. Eliot Spitzer is not fit for public service and will not be allowed to crawl back- he destroyed lives and companies without justification, other than his own warped political ambitions.