By Roger Stone Having worked for Richard Nixon, I know a little bit about come-backs. The key element is timing. After some time in the wilderness, a public image can be remade. Eliot Spitzer seems to have missed this point with the wildly premature roll-out of his most recent bid for public respectability. Newsweek, owned by the Washington Post Company that so loathed Nixon for doing exactly what Spitzer did - using the Government to spy on political opponents, leads the charge for the Spitzer rehab with a cover story. The Washington Post also published Spitzer's blatherings on the AIG Bailout. Ironically, Spitzer's destruction of top management of AIG set the stage for the default credit swaps which so damaged company. All we learn is that Spitzer was impatient and that his high priced lawyers couldn't get him a pass from Federal prosecutors fast enough and failed to recognize this illegality of his money transfers under Federal money laundering statues or his violation of the Mann Act which actor Charlie Chaplin was convicted of in the 1920s. Newsday tells us Spitzer has mastered the art of the recovery although 'the steamroller' has yet to grant an interview for anything but soft-ball interviews and known sympathizers in the media. No tough questions about his actions. In his recent Today Show, interview Spitzer tried to minimize his use of prostitutes by saying "it was not long"but in fact, Spitzer regularly used call-girls, sometimes as often as twice a week, for at least ten years including the time he was Attorney General and was prosecuting call-girl rings! It is this hypocrisy which prevents Eliot Spitzer from ever having the public trust again. Spitzer Madam, Kristin Davis, (Amazon tell-all) who spent time on Rikers Island for her role in the escort service Spitzer used, has spoken out against the unfairness of a system where she is prosecuted and Spitzer is given a pass. Davis and I appeared on SIRIUS/XM Radio's "Vinne and Me" and I found Davis to be articulate and charming. She is so classy that she has declined to make public her 35,000 page book of over 10,000 "clients" which includes pro-athletes, movie stars, several US politicians, a head of state or two, and many Arab princes. Davis is a consummate professional. Ms. Davis also has more information on "the Steamroller" which will no doubt get out if he reaches for real power again.