By Roger Stone The New York Post gets it wrong (April 19, 2009) in a headline saying I "loaned Reverend Al Sharpton $200,000 for early campaign expenses." In fact, the Federal Election Commission report demonstrated that I loaned the money to a Civil Rights foundation and it was never established in the settlement that any of this money was used in Rev's 2008 Presidential Campaign. The FEC has cleared me of any wrong doing and closed the file. The body of the New York Post story is correct; the money went to the National Action Network, a civil rights foundation. While I disagree with Sharpton's views on everything except civil rights, I recognize the showman in him which breeds the controversy that makes him both loved and hated, but known to all. Sharpton is an "in your face" showman like Adam Clayton Powell Jr., rather than a reserved minister in the persona of Dr. King. He is fearless. He makes his point. Thank God he has left the track suits and gold chains behind.