By Roger Stone THE SPITZER WATCH Eliot Spitzer says he was a "good Attorney General." How did the "Sheriff of Wall Street" miss the New York State and now New York City pension fund scams which paid political insiders millions? HOW CHIC IS MICHELLE? After First Lady Michelle Obama went to meet the Queen in a cardigan, fashion Icon Oscar De La Renta correctly sniffed; "You don't go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater." HARDING AND CUOMO Poor former New York Liberal Party boss Ray Harding. Recently indicted by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Harding lost his political power and party in 2002 when he supported Andrew Cuomo for Governor at the request of Cuomo's father Mario Cuomo. Andrew wanted the Liberal nod as leverage in the Democratic Party. He withdrew from the Primary for Governor facing certain defeat. FLORIDA AG OUT FRONT If Florida Governor Charlie Crist abandons the Governor's Mansion to run for the US Senate, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum becomes the instant front-runner for Governor. A recent Fabrizio-McLaughlin poll of Republican primary voters showed the AG with about 30% of the vote in which no other prospective candidate breaks double digits. Party leaders worry that McCollum is a weak General Election candidate who has lost two state-wide races. SPITZER ERUPTS The Steamroller Eliot Spitzer called PAGE-SIX editor Richard Johnson to bitch about a Page-Six piece that said Spitzer was planning a comeback in the 2010 in the Attorney General's race. Seems the Steamroller still can't control his temper. RUDY'S DROP BY Rudy Giuliani's quick and perfunctory drop-by the New York Republican State Dinner did nothing to quell Party leader's concern that the former Mayor isn't serious about next year's race for Governor. WHAT'S UP WITH TOM? Meanwhile, Billionaire businessman and reformer, Tom Golisano, is reportedly furious that not one State Senate Democrat would oppose a New York State pork-laden budget. Golisano put $5 million behind "reform" candidates in the last election. Golisano is down on both parties and politicians in general, but vows to continue the fight. It was Golisano who first warned of dysfunction and corruption in Albany. Golisano publically took Governor George Pataki to task for a "pardons for campaign contributions," a scandal that reached into the Governor's office. Both Republicans and State Independence Parties have urged Golisano to take a fourth shot at the Governorship as a "reform" candidate. Golisano could certainly outspend Democrats David Paterson or Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in a bid for the Governorship as a major party candidate. BILLY'S PROBLEMS With it looking like political favoritism and inside dealing that plagued the New York State Pension fund now spreading to the New York Comptroller's office, City Controller Bill Thompson's task of beating free-spending Mike Bloomberg in the Mayor's race becomes even more difficult. The City's huge gain in the registration of non-white voters guarantees that Thompson is still a serious contender. SCHUMER SLEAZE New York Senator Chuck Schumer takes a lawyer off his staff and installs them as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York without the usual bar review or evaluation. It's the "Chuck Schumer Non-Prosecution for Bribery Act of 2009." Schumer has clearly traded votes against regulation and oversight of Banking, Insurance and Wall Street for huge contributions to himself and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. BRUNO BLEEPED Former New York Republican State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno had to be "bleeped" by radio station Talk1300 in Albany when the feisty Republican recounted a conversation in which Governor Eliot Spitzer told a Republican Senator that Bruno was "a senile piece of shit." FRED DICKER show technicians caught the offending word and covered wit with an audible "bleep." Bruno, in excellent health and vigorous, has plead not guilty to a "theft of Honest services" indictment against him by the Justice Department. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has called for the vague law to be voided. Bruno is represented by former Bill Clinton lawyer Abbe Lowell who has attacked the indictment as unwarranted.