New York megalomaniac and would-be dictator, Eliot Spitzer, has posted the worst poll numbers of any New York Governor in modern history. According to the Sienna College Poll, 71% of voters now disapprove of the job Spitzer is doing as Governor and 56% have an unfavorable view of Spitzer the man. Incredibly, 61% of Democrats disapprove of the Governor's job performance. New York voters have woken up to the fact that Eliot Spitzer has neither the integrity, judgment nor temperament to be Governor. His legendary temper tantrums and autocratic style coupled with his tin-ear on the illegal immigrant issue have brought him low. For those who have never seen a compendium of Spitzer's Greatest Tantrums go to, which was posted by my friend Mike Caputo, former Communications Director for Congressman Jack F. Kemp and former Press Aide to President George H. W. Bush in the 1988 campaign. You see no such bold thinking from the 2008 Presidential candidates. Their prescriptions for America are safe and boring. Sometimes it takes someone outside politics to think outside the public policy box.