By Roger Stone GQ reports that Donald Rumsfeld, who misjudged the Iraq war so badly and refused to yield to senior commanders who begged for a larger force, included religious missives with war news sent to the President and stalled U.S military helicopter relief during Hurricane Katrina because, well, he could. The irony here is that W's father loathed Rumsfeld. Bush 41believed that Rumsfeld exiled him to the CIA in order to eliminate him from consideration as vice president in 1974, when Ford became President. Bush was convinced that Rumsfeld and his deputy Dick Cheney fucked him. The appointment went to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Both men were proteges and appointees of President Richard M. Nixon. Nixon served in the Senate with Bush's father Prescott, who was a golfing buddy of Eisenhower, and campaigned for George H.W. Bush's 1964 and 1970 Texas Senate races. After he lost the 1970 Senate race, which he was favored to win, Nixon appointed Bush to the United Nations. In 1966, Nixon campaigned for Rumsfeld in a suburban Chicago race for Congress. Rummy was a comer who would spend little time in the House before Nixon appointed him Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity. He would then go on to be President Ford's White House Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary. W's selection of both Cheney and Rumsfeld was a declaration of independence from his own father- one that contributed mightily to the failure of his Presidency.