By Roger Stone The New York Times says that Eliot Spitzer's recently released sworn testimony to Inspector General Joe Fisch taken last fall shows that, despite his fuzzy and contrite appearances with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Matt Lauer of NBC's Today show, former Governor Spitzer is still the same arrogant, short- tempered jerk he was as governor . The Buffalo News reports that Spitzer dismissed Troopergate as a "non-starter," which is reminiscent of Nixon's classification of Watergate as "a second rate burglary." In fact, Troopergate is an invention, the former governor testified, of Roger Stone! Spitzer's own e-mails and those of his aides indict him, just as Nixon's tapes did him in. Spitzer tried to use the State Police to undermine a political rival. That is criminal and an abuse of power. Spitzer knew about the effort to set up Republican leader Bruno and gave the go -ahead, according to both e-mail records and the testimony of Spitzer aide Darren Dopp. The Spitzer appointed Ethics Commission and the Albany County District Attorney, elected with Spitzer help, have each tried to silence Dopp, much like Nixon aides tried to silence John Dean. Go to