By Roger Stone

Will he really look?
When it became clear that New York State Superintendent of Police Preston Felton knew of and abetted Governor Eliot Spitzer's efforts to undermine Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and the role of former State Police captain Daniel Wiese became public, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo pledged a thorough investigation into abuses by the State Police. Cuomo was charged with determining whether there was a "rogue unit" of the State Police conducting political espionage and dirty tricks - odd because the State Police Operation to "take-down" Bruno had been approved at the highest level of the State Police-Felton. State legislators out of favor with the Administration have complained of State Police investigative shenanigans for years. George Pataki's administration used leaked State Police documents to defeat inner Party rival Congressman John Sweeney in a last minute smear campaign. Clearly, Governor David Paterson knew exactly how the New York State Police operates when he freely admitted both infidelity and past drug use to remove any leverage the State Police might have over him or might be inclined to leak to benefit a Paterson rival. Paterson called for the Cuomo probe. Now, however, comes sad news that after an investigation by Sharon McCarthy, the former Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York who the Attorney General paid $140,000 as an outside counsel to investigate, that the Attorney General intends to take no action. The New York Daily News reports that Cuomo has decided to end the probe with out charges because "little evidence of an alleged political hit squad was found in the year-long investigation." That, of course, misses the point. Andrew Cuomo knows what I know. There is no "rogue unit" in the State Police, but rather the entire institution is reactive to Administration demands for information and political chores. This has been true under virtually every governor in modern times. Wiese had access at the highest levels and thus the entire State Police organization was corrupted for political purposes in both the Pataki and Spitzer administrations.
Wiese: pull at the top